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The New Year brings with it new beginnings. Many see this as an opportunity to start fresh, kicking off the year off with new goals. Each year our goal here at Old Barn Star is to help our customers find new ways to incorporate reclaimed barnwood furniture into their homes.

One of 2017’s biggest design trends is set to be farmhouse inspired décor. Blending rustic elements with modern pieces can bring the feeling of farmhouse living to any home. Read on as we explore ways you can incorporate this trend into your home.

Exposed Beams

exposed beams

Exposed ceiling beams put your home’s unique architecture on display and really showcase the construction elements of the home. Revealing the “bones” of your home can be done a very classy manner, allowing it to benefit a variety of styles. Exposed wooden beam and large windows provide warmth to a room, as well as giving it a rustic cottage feel. When choosing to utilize exposed beams in your home it’s best to choose one room, such as your living room, as you do not want to over use the design throughout your house.

Accent Walls

Barnwood Accent Wall

Adding a reclaimed wood accent wall to your home is a quick way to add warmth and texture to any room. Reclaimed wood is full of character and can be used to create a unique focal point in your home. Accent walls fit well in bedrooms behind a bed, in bathrooms to showcase an ornate tub or in a room that features artwork.

Barnwood Furniture

reclaimed barnwood table

Naturally, the easiest way to incorporate rustic elements into your home is to use reclaimed barnwood furniture. From kitchen islands to dining room tables and beyond, there are endless opportunities when it comes to reclaimed wood furniture. Each piece is unique and tells a story, adding a distinct style to any home.

We hope you can incorporate these tips into your home in 2017 and beyond!

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