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Here at Old Barn Star we pride ourselves in providing you with quality Amish-made reclaimed barn wood furniture. Our technique is classic, rustic, and most importantly reliable. To ensure that all of the barn wood furniture at Old Barn Star remains in good condition, most of our furniture is sealed with a water-resistant topcoat. However, wood comes from a natural living organism, and proper, ongoing care is recommended to help preserve the look and feel of the furniture.

Barnwood Furniture

Tips for Cleaning Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Here are three basic tips to clean and care for reclaimed wood tables and other furniture:

1. Use a damp cloth, not a heavy saturated cloth, to clean your reclaimed wood furniture to avoid water-related issues.

2. Stay away from silicone-based products and any cleaning product with an ammonia base. The chemicals in these products can irritate the barn wood.

3. Avoid direct sunlight and high heat areas of your home. These conditions can cause issues with warping and cracking in your furniture.

Proper Reclaimed Wood Furniture Care

Every piece of Old Barn Star reclaimed barn wood furniture has its own unique story. When proper reclaimed wood furniture care techniques are followed, the story of each product will be sure to stay in tact and continue to live through generations.

Contact us with any questions you may have about preserving the life of your barnwood furniture.