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Custom, reclaimed barnwood furniture is truly a work of art.

At our shop, each piece is handcrafted from harvested wood and constructed with care to keep the natural look and feel of the wood alive in the finished product.

Our customers often ask how to preserve that look throughout the years, especially since our classic furniture is usually passed down through the generations. To ensure that all of the barnwood furniture at Old Barn Star remains in good condition, most of our furniture is sealed with a water-resistant topcoat. However, wood comes from a natural living organism, and proper, ongoing care is recommended to help preserve the look and feel of the furniture.

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture

3 Step-Process to Sanitize Reclaimed Wood

Here is our three-step process on properly cleaning your furniture.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First, it’s time to gather all the supplies needed to sanitize properly, including a damp sponge and mild cleaning product. Here are some things to avoid when determining your supplies:


  • Silicone-based cleaning or polishing products
  • Harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach
  • Abrasive powders, pads, or steel wools
  • Sponges or dishcloths that have been used to clean food or may contain oils

Step 2: Let the Cleaning Begin

Now it’s time to start sanitizing your barnwood. Use a little bit of your cleaning product on a damp cloth and begin wiping down the entire surface of the furniture. Be sure that your cloth is just damp and not fully saturated with the cleaning solution.

Step 3: Drying the Wood

Once you’re done, follow with a clean, soft cloth to dry the furniture. Be sure that your barnwood furniture piece is not in direct sunlight to avoid any damage such as warping.

Every piece of Old Barn Star reclaimed barnwood furniture has its own unique story. When proper care techniques are followed, the story of each product will be sure to remain intact and live through generations. Have a question? Contact us about cleaning and sanitizing your reclaimed barnwood furniture.