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Returns & Care of your Barnwood products

This page will help explain how to take care of your Barnwood products and state our return policy

Return Policy

All items are final sale here at Old Barn Star. We will work with you, if a you do come across any issue. However, once it leaves our workshop any issues that occur in transport we will not be responsible for.

We do not offer refunds on orders.

Again, our products are made from reclaimed wood. There will be variations in grain, knots, color, markings, therefore we cannot guarantee any piece  to look or be exactly like or a specific photo.

Do not expose furniture directly to sunlight or near other heat sources such as but not limited to: stoves or radiator, pellet stoves or fireplaces. Doing so will dry out the wood.

Over time the table tops will shrink and expand causing cracks in the wood. This is natural, at times you may notice them a little larger then they shrink back.

This being a wood product proper care is needed. Most of the wood we use is old growth wood, meaning the grains are tighter then wood you would purchase at your local home improvement store but it is not indestructible. It will scratch and dent over time and may need to be re-finished or freshened up. Unfortunately, there is not a miracle finish that will last a lifetime! When cleaning your table top please use a damp cloth, any excess water left on the table will seep down in the natural cracks of the wood and damage the table and finish.

If you do come across an issue please contact us with the issue you are having. Sending along photos a plus. It is up to the customer to have the item transported back to us, we are not responsible for any packaging or shipping cost that may occur.
Please make sure the items you are ordering will fit in to its new location, measure doorways and stairs.
Delivery Options
We offer curbside delivery within a 50 mile radius for a fee,  please send a zip code over for a quote.  Curbside delivery means we will get the product to your location at that time it is the responsibility of the customer to have it carried in to the home upon arrival the customer must inspect the items before unloading and the items must be paid in full before they can be unloaded by the customer.  This protect us and you the customer from any issues that may result in damage to the product or property.

All other deliveries will be done by Pack ship USA  (1-800-548-0852) which you are paying for the packaging of the product and the delivery we have found it is best for them to package the product at their location that way if any damage were to happen during the shipping process it is much easier to file a claim since they handle the whole process.

Here is the claim policy for Pack ship USA


In order to ensure that a smooth and accurate delivery occurs, we will contact the receiving party (known as the consignee) when an order is shipped to provide receiving instructions.  Those instructions advise the consignee that the order has been shipped, who the carrier is, how to contact them, the estimated arrival date, details about the delivery, and importantly, that they will need to INSPECT THE PIECES THAT THEY ARE RECEIVING AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY.  Each carton should be examined for signs of damage and mishandling.  If there is noticeable or questionable damage to the container, you must open and inspect.


The receiver and the driver should agree on the condition of the contents, and the freight bill (or delivery receipt) noted to reflect such a condition.  Specific notations greatly reduce the chance of controversy when the claim is filed.  Do not attempt to document anything on the delivery receipt other than the objective findings.  Even if a shipment is damaged, it should be received by the consignee.


Any exceptions in condition to items noted after the delivery receipt is signed clear (concealed damage) are handled on a case – by – case basis.  PACKSHIP USA MUST BE NOTIFIED OF CONCEALED DAMAGE WITHIN TEN DAYS OF RECEIPT OF THE ORDER for a claim to be considered.  Regulations concerning concealed damages have been set forth in the Interstate Commerce Commission’s ruling under Ex Parte 263 which states, “It is incumbent upon the consignee to offer reasonable evidence to the carrier’s representative when the inspection is made that the loss or damage was not incurred by the consignee after the delivery of the shipment by the carrier.”

PackShip USA will assist in the resolution of the claim by working with the consignee, store and carrier.  Resolution of the claim can include repairing the item, selling the items for salvage, or replacing the item.  It is the legal obligation of the receiver to make every reasonable effort to mitigate (reduce) the loss.  Mechanical or electrical failure upon delivery is not covered unless there is evidence of external damage to the insured item.


Consequential losses and time off work to receive a delivery are not subject to loss claim.  Please call PackShip USA at 800-548-0852 if you are experiencing difficulties making your appointment arrangements.  Carriers do an excellent job in delivering many shipments each day, but at times are forced to reschedule deliveries due to weather, equipment and scheduling difficulties, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Items that PackShip USA packages and releases are insured by PackShip USA while the items are in transit with PackShip USA’s carrier.  Items not packed by PackShip USA are not insured by PackShip USA, and therefore are subject to the terms and conditions for claims settlement as set forth by the carrier of record.  In addition, items that PackShip USA packs that are not shipped by PackShip USA’s carrier are not insured by PackShip USA.

Payment and deposits

All orders will require a 10% or $100.00 min. non refundable deposit before being put in to the production schedule.

We will accept a personal check via mail for your deposit.

No Item will be shipped until final payment had been paid, cleared, posted.

Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee.


Build times

We run on a 10-16+ week build time


The build times may vary due to certain factors such as the number of pieces ordered, holidays, & production delays due t0 unforeseen complications, or other factors beyond our control.

Revisions or additions may require additional production time to your order, please allow for this.

Custom orders require a minimum of 10-16 +  weeks from the date we receive your final design.

Everything is built one piece at a time, nothing is mass produced.

This Is An Estimated Time Only & Build Times Will Vary



The finishing of your product will vary, again no two pieces of wood are the same – the colors, textures and natural various are part of the charters of barnwood.

All our products come with some type of distressing as we do not recommend painting barnwood a solid color.

Again, this item may last for generations to come but may need to be refinished or freshened up over time due to everyday use as with any wood product no finish is indestructible nor will last a life time with use.

Barnwood furniture is solid wood that comes from old, wooden barns that have been in natures elements for decades, even centuries. The wood is full of inherent character, blemishes, holes (that may or may not be filled) small cracks, worm holes, and insect valleys which are not considered defects but a unique touch that is what give the piece character. No two pieces that are ever exactly same which makes them a one of a kind.