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Spring, the season of pastoral renewal, is upon us again. Some winters, it’s easy to forget that it will ever return, but we quickly acclimate to the freedom of sunny days, lush flowers returning and even youthful love.

It’s the best season to order an Amish reclaimed wood table from Old Barn Star and have a meal in the sunshine. Our tradition is taken from the Amish, a culture that appreciates a beautiful spring day as much as any other. Let’s look at how the Amish welcome the springtime.

amish reclaimed barn wood in spring time

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Springtime Amish Traditions

The Amish live their lives by the calendar because the calendar guides agriculture and many of their endeavors. Spring is the time for newlyweds to move in together. After the wedding, the groom begins to grow his beard. The Amish beard is a symbol for marriage that, like the fields and flowers, begins its journey of growth in spring.

Early spring is a time of preparation when Amish societies position themselves advantageously for the rest of spring. You’re likely to see industrious farmers tilling the freshly-thawed soil of their fields to ready it for seeds and to remove weeds. Then, the farmers plant and fertilize their crops.

reclaimed wood table for springtime

Spring is also one of two times per year the Amish hold communion. This rite typically ends with participants washing one another’s feet symbolically to honor the ancient customs of foot washing in biblical times, when travellers wore sandals.

Lastly, spring is a time the Amish use to sell their handcrafted products at market. With the entrepreneurship in the field, the same spirit persists in the workshop, where they produce wares like reclaimed barnwood furniture, baskets and quilts. It’s this culture we hope to represent with our rustic reclaimed wood pieces.

Whatever walk of life you hail from, spring is a season of activity. Take some time to get out there and appreciate it!

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