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Your home is a reflection of you. So, what happens when you move into a big city but the country holds your heart?

Incorporating barnwood furniture and décor into your city apartment is simple and will allow you to travel back to your roots just by walking through the door.

Replace Standard Doors with Sliding Barnwood Doors

Taking down a bedroom, closet, pantry, or bathroom door is simple. Also, it makes quite the difference! Add a track to the wall that allows for a barnwood door to slide open and shut. Make it your own with fun hardward and a stain that suites your style.

barnwood sliding door

Barnwood Kitchen Accents

If you’re renting there’s always the issue of not wanting to invest too much time and money into your space, especially since there’s a chance it won’t be your forever home.

Bringing in temporary accent pieces like pallet wood pictures, wine or coffee mug racks, cooking utensils, and even cutting boards to be left on display are sure to add that rustic country flair that warms your heart.

barnwood accents

Barnwood Table in the Center of it All

Whether in your kitchen as a café-style round table or in your living room as a coffee table, a barnwood table in the center of your place will look not only beautiful but will serve as a place to gather with the ones that you love.

coffee table

Want to create your own custome barnwood furniture for your apartment or home? Let’s get started, contact us today.

Don’t forget, we also have our Etsy page with finished furniture for purchase!


Winter will be here before you know it! The season can seem daunting to some, as visions of shoveling snow and cold temperatures immediately come to mind. However, there are some simple ways you can make your home a safe haven during the coldest months of the year.

Read on as we explore some of the most popular winter design trends that will help add a warm and cozy feel to your home.

Eye-Catching Fireplacefireplace

On a cold winter’s night there’s no better place to be than in front of a cozy fireplace. An ornate fireplace can serve as the perfect focal point for a living room, adding ambiance and warmth. Electric models provide the same ambiance while not requiring the venting associated with traditional fireplaces. Fireplaces can even be placed outdoors in the form of a backyard fire pit.


Reclaimed Wood Elementscountryside-log-furniture

During the cold winter months rooms with wooden accents and furniture actually give off a warming effect. Consider adding a barnwood side table or even incorporate cedar log furniture to make your home feel like a warm and rustic winter cabin. If adding new furniture isn’t in your budget consider smaller wooden elements like photo frames crafted from reclaimed wood.


Warm Textiles textiles

When the weather cools down you naturally want to wrap up in something cozy and warm. Incorporate textiles throughout your home including flannel sheets, wool throws, or even a classic handmade quilt. Simply draping a throw on your soft or putting a quilt on your bed can give a visual feeling of warmth.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to add some warmth to your home this winter. Want to add barnwood furniture to your home? Contact us to get started.


Office furniture is often built for practicality, rather than style and can often feel cold. Your home office should be a reflection of your personal style and tastes. Take this opportunity to have fun and outfit the room with pieces that are uniquely you. Read on as we explore three ways you can breathe new life into your home office.

A Fresh Lookpaint

The first step towards giving your home office a new look is a fresh coat of paint. If your office is connected to other rooms in the house it’s best to choose complementary colors for your walls. However, if your office is self contained you have the freedom to get creative. A brightly colored accent wall can allow you to showcase photos or artwork, while not overpowering the space.

The Perfect Desk


The centerpiece of any office is the desk, make sure yours makes a statement. A barnwood desk adds warmth and rustic flair, while providing you with a sturdy workspace. Designing the desk of your dreams is easy when you work with our craftsmen. From color choices to storage options, you can customize every aspect of your desk to create something truly one of a kind.

Showcase Your Collection

barnwood bookcase

A barnwood bookcase makes it easy to create a stunning display. You can fill the shelves with books and create a personal library or use it to display figurines or other special pieces. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, there’s a bookcase built to fit every room.

Ready to start renovating your home office? Contact us to get started and we’ll help you design one-of-a-kind pieces!