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When you begin decorating or redecorating your home, how much time is spent considering new chairs? Whether in your kitchen, dinning room, office, or other living spaces, barnwood chairs can be the solution to completely pulling together the look of a room.

Customize with Colors and Accents

Whether you need a pop of color to break things up or you’re looking to match the color scheme of a room, a chair is a fun and easy way to incorporate such colors.

We recommend painting a chair or barnwood stool with a bold color for an eye-catching surprise, or try a more sublet approach by incorporating all the colors of the room into a single chair.

barnwood stool

rustic barnwood chair

Add Some Rustic Flair

Reclaimed oak chairs and stools can completely transform the look and feel of a room in your home or office. Selecting various stains and finishes can take a barnwood chair from dull to full of life in just a coat or two!

The Possibilities are Endless

Who’s to say that you need six traditional chairs around a table? Switch things up by getting three chairs for one side and a bench for another.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Don’t get a single matching chair for your dinning area. People will be inspired by the originality!

barnwood chairsReady to get started in created your own custom barnwood chairs? Contact us to start the design process toady!

Need a little inspiration first? Visit our page to see what barnwood furniture we currently have in-stock.