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The New Year brings with it new beginnings. Many see this as an opportunity to start fresh, kicking off the year off with new goals. Each year our goal here at Old Barn Star is to help our customers find new ways to incorporate reclaimed barnwood furniture into their homes.

One of 2017’s biggest design trends is set to be farmhouse inspired décor. Blending rustic elements with modern pieces can bring the feeling of farmhouse living to any home. Read on as we explore ways you can incorporate this trend into your home.

Exposed Beams

exposed beams

Exposed ceiling beams put your home’s unique architecture on display and really showcase the construction elements of the home. Revealing the “bones” of your home can be done a very classy manner, allowing it to benefit a variety of styles. Exposed wooden beam and large windows provide warmth to a room, as well as giving it a rustic cottage feel. When choosing to utilize exposed beams in your home it’s best to choose one room, such as your living room, as you do not want to over use the design throughout your house.

Accent Walls

Barnwood Accent Wall

Adding a reclaimed wood accent wall to your home is a quick way to add warmth and texture to any room. Reclaimed wood is full of character and can be used to create a unique focal point in your home. Accent walls fit well in bedrooms behind a bed, in bathrooms to showcase an ornate tub or in a room that features artwork.

Barnwood Furniture

reclaimed barnwood table

Naturally, the easiest way to incorporate rustic elements into your home is to use reclaimed barnwood furniture. From kitchen islands to dining room tables and beyond, there are endless opportunities when it comes to reclaimed wood furniture. Each piece is unique and tells a story, adding a distinct style to any home.

We hope you can incorporate these tips into your home in 2017 and beyond!

Ready to create your own custom reclaimed wood furniture? We’re here to help! Simply contact us to begin the process!


The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching and it’s never too early to begin planning for the holiday season. Here at Old Barn Star we’re in Thanksgiving and Christmas mode during the heat of summer!

Interior decorating takes time and if you’re hosting a holiday gathering you’ll want to decorate your home from the ground up! Read on as we share the 4 steps for designing a picture perfect home for Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers.

Step 1: Choose Your ThemeHoliday decorations

When decorating for any major event it’s important to keep design themes in mind. With Thanksgiving and Christmas you’ll want to choose which theme suits your home best. With a little research you are bound to find one that matches your style and existing décor.

Is your house minimalist? Perhaps a silver and white theme would work best for your Christmas décor. Love the rustic aesthetic? Your Thanksgiving decorations can have a heavy focus on nature, with dried corn, natural wood and plenty of leaves. Your decorations can be subtle or larger than life, what’s important is that they reflect your tastes.

Step 2: Form and FunctionBarnwood Table for Christmas

After you’ve settled on the perfect theme it’s time to start thinking about furniture! Naturally your guests will be drawn to your dining room table so it’s best to choose a piece that’s both accommodating and stylish. When choosing a reclaimed wood table it’s important to envision how many people will be seated around it, as well as how much space you have in the room it will be located in.

Once you’ve chosen the best table for the occasion the only missing piece is chairs! Whether they’re eating or catching up over drinks, you’ll want ample seating options for your guests. We love the idea of mixing and matching your dining room set with barnwood chairs and benches. Incorporating “mismatched” design into your home brings new energy into the space

Step 3: Make a StatementMason Jar Christmas decoration

Regardless of the holiday, your tabletop décor should make a statement. There are many ways you can enhance the natural beauty of your reclaimed barnwood table with festive centerpieces:

Floral and Festive: Floral displays are traditional and breathe life into your décor. DIY pros can put together their own display or choose from premade designs at a local florist.

Mason Jars for Every Occasion: One of the hottest trends in DIY design is mason jars. Versatile and cost effective, mason jars can be used in nearly every situation. To create a centerpiece get creative, fill the jar with lights or add a simple votive candle. You can even use mason jars as a vase, providing a new spin on the aforementioned floral design.

Let There Be Light: Incorporating candles into your centerpiece design creates the perfect ambiance for any gathering. Place evergreen branches and pinecones around pillar candles to add rustic flair to your arrangement.

Step 4: Tie Everything TogetherHoliday decorating

All of your design elements should tie together in some way. For example, keep complementary colors in mind when choosing your decorative rug, tablecloth and other furnishings. Red and green immediately come to mind when thinking of Christmas decorations, this is because they’re complementary colors and work together extremely well. Picking the perfect color palette will allow all of your design elements to work together in one cohesive theme.

Ready to start planning your holiday décor? Contact us to design the perfect reclaimed barnwood furniture for your special occasion.


When it comes to reclaimed wood tables there are two questions we get asked more often than not:

  1. How many chairs will fit at my table?
  2. What size table is best for my living space?

Read on as we share an informative buying guide that will help you choose the perfect table for your specific needs.

A Seat at the Table

Old Barn Star Reclaimed Barnwood Table

When planning the design of your reclaimed wood table it’s important to consider its use. Will this be a dining room table intended for large family gatherings, or will it be a cozy table for two?

A good rule of thumb is to plan on dedicating a minimum of 24 inches per place setting. For larger rooms you can plan for 30 inches. Rectangular tables will require an additional 12 inches at each end to allow for those seated at the head.

Ensure everyone has a seat at the table with these guidelines:

Round Tables

  • 40-inch diameter – seats 4
  • 56-inch diameter – seats 8

Square Tables

  • 38-inch square – seats 4

Rectangular Tables

  • 60 x 36 inches – seats 6
  • 72 x 36 inches – seats 6 – 8
  • 84 x 36 inches – seats 6 – 8
  • 96 x 48 inches – seats 8 – 10
  • 132 x 48 inches – seats 12

Finding the Perfect Fit

Old Barn Star Reclaimed Barnwood Table

There are two important things to consider when determining the size of your custom table: room size and seating accommodations. First evaluate the size of your room; this will help you determine the largest table that can comfortably fit. If you plan on hosting large parties you will likely want to go with the largest size, otherwise you can size down as needed.

Comfort is key, so in order for each person to have enough room to push their chair back and rise from the table it’s best to provide a minimum of 36 inches between the table and the wall. When possible, plan to give 42 – 48 inches of space between the table and wall.

For an even roomier experience consider a table with a pedestal base, which ensures table legs don’t get in the way of your chairs.

We hope this buying guide will help you design the reclaimed barnwood table of your dreams. Make sure to contact us or visit our shop on Etsy to get started!